His Own Man - Scott Eastwood

Following in the footsteps of a famous father, especially one with as legendary of a Hollywood career as Clint Eastwood, can be daunting. And for Scott Eastwood, who is a spitting image of his father; with the same striking good looks and gunslinger eyes, that journey can be wrought with constant comparisons. However, make no mistake, Scott Eastwood is forging his own path in Hollywood.
Scott recently sat down with ROUTE to share on his unique upbringing, his new movie The Outpost, and so much more.

A Moment with Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell

Matt Pinnell serves as Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma as well as the state’s first Secretary of Tourism and Branding. He has publicly expressed enormous support for the conservation and promotion of Route 66 as a fundamental part of Oklahoma’s tourism industry.

A Conversation with Wes Studi

Undeniably one of the finest craftsmen on the Silver Screen today, Wes Studi stands out amongst his peers in an industry that is quick to forget. But when he speaks, the thespian is guaranteed to leave a mark.

A Conversation with Martin Sheen

Actor Martin Sheen popularly known for his role as President Bartlet on The West Wing, talks family road trips, Route 66, raising his family in the public eye and more.

A Conversation with Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan

ROUTE chats with Pierce Brosnan, Irish-born actor best known for playing James Bond, on his childhood, his journey to Hollywood, road trips, family and loads more.

A Conversation with Bryan Cranston

Critically acclaimed actor Bryan Cranston, best known for his role as Walter White on the AMC series Breaking Bad, shares on his life, career and road trips down Route 66.

The Man Behind the Voice

ROUTE Magazine caught up with bestselling author and Route 66 ambassador, Michael Wallis, who shared on his enviable career as a writer, his famous book Route 66: The Mother Road, and his favorite places and people along the iconic highway. A well-respected and known persona on the Route, Wallis reveals some things that even those who know him best may be surprised to learn.

Looking Back - Lowell Davis

While skilled in many disciplines, from painting to sculpture to metal work, artist Lowell Davis is perhaps best known for his farm animal figurines, distributed to thousands of gift shops across North America. His collectors and fans regularly make the trip to visit the “Norman Rockwell of Rural Art” at his home in Red Oak II, just outside of Carthage, Missouri.

Bringing the Route to Life - Jerry McClanahan

Route 66 has many supporters, or “boosters”, as proactive, dedicated individuals are lovingly referred to by passionate ‘road warriors’. It is exciting to witness all of the amazingly talented people who have devoted their lives and abilities to protecting, preserving and promoting the Mother Road. It is a cause that ROUTE stands firmly behind. And from amongst this eclectic group, it is quite common to hear one name referred to time and again: Jerry McClanahan.

Justin Scarred, America is Still Out There

A former band member of a garage punk band called The Scarred, now turned YouTube Vlogger, Justin Scarred has amassed over 100,000 subscribers with his highly entertaining videos of his trips to Disneyland, the Old West, and more recently Route 66, where he traveled the entire Route, documenting his travels on his channel. His boisterous, goofy and witty nature infused with informative narrative, has captured and brought a whole new audience of road warriors, of all ages, to Route 66. In this interview, Scarred talks about his approach to his positive YouTube videos, his experiences filming on the Mother Road, and his adventures along Route 66.