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Video has undeniably created a more emotional and impacting response than any other type of media since television came on to the scene in the late 19th Century. As such, it only seems fitting that ROUTE share with you some of our favorite videos connected to Route 66 and related topics. If you have any great videos that you would like to share with us and ROUTE’s readers, please feel free to contact the magazine and let us know what you love.

Journey with YouTube Sensation Justin Scarred as he tackles Route 66 in His Own Unique Way

Explore the Mother Road with the guys behind 2LaneLife and experience Route 66 on two wheels

See Route 66 through the passionate eyes of Roamin Rich

If you are seeking something more historical to whet your road travel appetite, look no further than the videos included below. They consist of some of the most well done and interesting pictures available.

Some terrific trailers and music videos that will cause you to hanker for a taste of Route 66.