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The Most Famous Ranch in the World

By Efren Lopez

The Mother Road: The journey begins in the windy city of Chicago, and ends 2,400 miles away in the Golden State of California. Known as the Main Street of America, Route 66 crosses the grand open landscapes of the United States. Broken and disconnected in some stretches, Route 66 remains the most enigmatic route accessible to curious road travelers in search of the unique as they seek the freedom of the open road.

The sun rises and illuminates the vibrant colors of the vehicles at Cadillac Ranch - one of most famous roadside attractions on Route 66 - where 10 mid-20th Century Cadillacs are half buried in a farm field in Amarillo, Texas. “I captured this image after a rainy night sleeping in a cold wet tent camping out next to the Cadillacs, while traveling with my dog Daisy to Chicago.”

“I woke up early in the morning, and seized the opportunity to capture the soft light after a rainstorm rolled through the panhandle of Texas.”

Adorned by thick layers of colorful spray paint, the automobiles at Cadillac Ranch have become a canvas for travelers to leave their mark on Route 66. “The abstract nature and vibrant colors attracted me to capture the details of the graffiti painted on the Cadillacs.”

Surrounded by hundreds of spray paint bottles, Cadillac Ranch has become a canvas for travelers to leave their mark on the Cadillacs in Amarillo, Texas. “I was able to smell the paint in the air and feel how thick the layers of paint cover the surface of the vehicles.”

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